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Calendar for All Texas Masonic Lodges - 756 of 882 Lodges
(Except for the Lodges that have unusual meeting dates, as they cant be programmed in Google and have to be manually entered)
       (Email me all the Meeting Dates for your Lodge, if your Lodge is not listed & I will add your lodge)
       Please send me the Email, in the following format - Lodge Name and Number, along with the date of the Next Stated Lodge Meeting.


Calendar for Lodge in the Texas Masonic District - 65, 67, 68, 72 & 73
       Please indicate, for which Lodges or Districts you are interested in receiving the alerts.


Calendar for Lodge in the Texas Masonic District - 67
       Please indicate, for which Lodges you are interested in receiving the alerts.


Calendar for Sir. Lawrence Jenkins Lodge # 70 (Mumbai, INDIA)
       I have programmed Birthday Reminders for the Lodge, in addition to the regularly Stated Lodge Meetings.


       Please email Bro. Homi at homi@DLimeRanch.com to receive automated email reminders of the Lodge meetings 1 day before the meeting.


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Necessity is the Mother of all Invention's

I missed a few of the Stated Lodge meetings, as I did not remember the Day and Time of the meeting, or remembered too late to attend the meetings.

To make sure that I did not forget the Stated lodge Meetings, I created a Calendar for all the Dist 67 lodges that I visit. I set it up to remind me one day before the Lodge Meetings. I told one of my brothers at the lodge, about the Calendar. He requested me to add him to the Calendar, as he too had forgotten about the meetings a few times. Soon many of the Brethren signed up for it.


Making the Calendar for all the Lodges in Texas was a big project, it took me more than 40 hours to complete it.

The Calendar for all Texas Lodge's is for 776 of the 882 lodges, but I had to program for 919 Entries as there are many lodges that meet more than once a month. Calendar for 63 Lodges are pending as they have special requirements and cannot be regularly programmed in Google Calendar. If you want me to add your Lodge to the Calendar, please Email me all the Meeting Dates for your Lodge.

This Calendar can also be programmed to email Birthday, Anniversary and other Greetings to the Brethren of the Lodge. The Calendar is also capable of sending reminder messages to Mobile phones.



o Automated Email Alerts for Special and Repeat Events (Monthly Meetings, Birthday's, Anniversary's, etc)

o Automated Alerts sent directly to Mobile Phones via text message


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