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D-Lime Ranch is a small Women owned business based in Dublin, Texas in Erath County.

D-Lime Ranch is owned and operated by me, Diane Staley Limbuwala, assisted by my husband Homi. We have a Team of highly skilled professionals to help bring my vision to reality.

D-Lime Ranch Web Design, Hosting Company with Computer Services was started with a vision of helping individuals and small business operate more efficiently by providing them with the proper tools & training in the online, eCommerce world.

We wanted to make it easy for small business owners to have a way of expanding their business in this tough economy that we are currently in.

We started by making it possible for small business owners to have a presence on the World Wide Web & being able to sell their Product's and Services to a much larger audience and be able to accept payments Online with Safety and convenience in this digital world.

Also by helping small Business owners with their Computer and Networking issues so that they can concentrate on running their business and not worry about their computer systems.

Since, Homi is a Mason, we have Designed & Hosted many Masonic Lodge Website and Developed Tools for Masons at no charge for this great fraternity.



Contact us anytime at 254-445-4381 or 254-413-6814 or info@dlimeranch.com

  Diane Staley Limbuwala Owner / Head of Operations diane@dlimeranch.com
  Homi Limbuwala Head of Sales, Support &
Computer Systems


Chat with us online at



homilimbu on Skype


INFORMATION about Homi Limbuwala

Homi has extensive experience in Sales/ Business Development/ Management & Technical. He is very detailed, methodical and processes oriented. He is a good people person and have good experience in managing and leading Business, Technical, Implementation teams & also vendor selection, contract negotiations, etc.

Homi has over seventeen years work experience; 12 years in the US and 5 years in India, with a focus on Aviation, Engineering, Retail & Information Technology (IT) industries.

Homi has a Masters Degree in Labor Management, in addition he is an Airframe & Power plant (A&P) Aeronautical engineer & a certified Pilot.

Homi has also completed multiple certifications, courses & has extensive training in computer related technology like MCSC (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CNE (Certified Novell Engineer), RHCP (Red Hat Linux Certified Professional), CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional), RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), GPS (Global Positioning System), etc.

Homi has also written multiple Articles that have been published globally. You can find them at www.homilimbu.com/articles.htm

Homi is currently looking for a New FULL TIME Job, so please do let me know if you know of any Job openings. Homi is open to relocate anywhere.

You can view Homi's detailed resume on his Website at www.homilimbu.com


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