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JAVA Script Special Effects


These special effects will work only on Microsoft Internet Explorer with Java
Click Here to Verify if you have Java & if not to install Java if you don't have it


Airstrike - Click your mouse on the image to see it get Bombed

Airstrike - Click your mouse on the Image and see it get Bombed

Butterfly - Butterflies Flying


Space Flight - Move your mouse to Fly in any direction

Dynamic Full Screen - Dual Branding    (IE Only) You can add 1 or 2 Logos on your page

Dynamic Full Screen - Dual Branding 2 (IE Only) 

Click Here - Typing

Typing Text  (IE Only)

Scroll Up and Down

FLY Effect - Move your mouse & the Fly will follow it

Mouse Banner - 1 (IE Only)

Mouse Banner - 2 (IE Only)

Pool Effect - Taj Mahal - Move your mouse over the picture to see the ripples

RADAR Effect

Lightning Effect - Our old house in Coppell, TX



Snow 1 - Our old house in Coppell, TX

Snow 2 - Our old house in Coppell, TX

Snow 3 - Our old house in Coppell, TX


LAKE EFFECT (See the Water shimmering)

Dolphin Underwater - See the Water ripple on top

Bald Eagle

Beach - See the Water Rippling

Beach 2

Bombay (Animated)

Cruise Liner (Imagine yourself in a small boat approaching a Big Cruise Liner)



Helicopter 2 (Rescue)


Lake 2


Mountain 1

Mountain 2

Mountain 3

Mountain 4

Mountain 5

Mountain 6

NY Night

Ocean 1

Ocean 2

Taj Mahal




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