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Homi Limbuwala's Resume

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Homi A. Limbuwala
265 Liberty St, Dublin, Texas 76446
Home: 254-445-4381, Mobile: 254-413-6814
homilimbu@hotmail.com, www.homilimbu.com

Over seventeen years work experience with a focus in the Engineering, Retail & Information Technology (IT) industry. I am very good at improving existing lines of business & coming up with new business strategies/ technical ideas, leading the Implementation of the new lines of business & integrating them to boost existing business. I have over eighteen years work experience; 13 years in the US and 5 years in India. I have a valid US Green Card.


Good experience in Management, great at leading large teams, vendor selection, contract negotiations, very processes oriented, methodical & detail oriented with a “Can Do” attitude. Also I am very good at customer relations. Always ready to take on challenging assignments. Ready to take ownership of assignments & getting them completed.


Strong technical background with experience in computer related technologies, exceptionally good understanding of the latest technologies and integrating them to current requirements. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D.





Oct 2005 – Current

SkandSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Jan 2008 Current 

Mumbai, India


Sept 2006 – Dec 2007

Part of Spanco Telesystems Group

VP Business Development (International)

Oct 2005 – Aug 2005


Sr. Manager – Business Development



RFID/ Product Trainer – Internal/ Client




June 2003 – Aug 2005

Shanti Ventures, Retail Industry, Mumbai, India

Head of Operations & Sales




Oct 2001 – April 2002

Solectron Global Services, Inc.


Dec 2001 – April 2002

Dallas, Texas, US

Data Integrity Project Lead

Dec 2001 – April 2002


Technical Support & Networking

Jan 2002 – April 2002


Quality Verification (QV)

Feb 2002 – April 2002


Program Management (PM)

Mar 2002 – April 2002


Order Management System (OMS)




April 1997 – Sept 2001

Radix Software Technologies, Inc.


Jan 2000 – Sept 2001

Dallas, Texas, US

Director of Operations, HR, Recruiting & Staffing Strategy

1997 – 2000


Operations & Technical Support Manager

1999 – 2000


Recruiting Manager

1997 – 1999


IT Recruiter          




1991 – 1997

Dilco Enterprises,

Dallas, Texas, US

Retail Store

1994 – 1997


Managed 4 stores – Dallas

1991 – 1994


Store Manager




1990 – 1991

King Aviation
Nuys, California, US

Jr. Aeronautical Engineer




1989 – 1990

Gujarat Flying Club, India

Jr. Aeronautical Engineer


SkandSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India                                                      Oct 2005 – Current
o        Consultant                                                                                                         Jan 2008 – Current
VP Business Development (International)                                                         Sep 2005 – Dec 2007
Sr. Manager – Business Development (International)                                       Oct 2005 – Aug 2005

SkandSoft Technologies is a software solution company with focus on Radio Frequency and IDentification (RFID), which is an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology. We have developed SETU™ as a Real-time information management & Solution development platform, SETU™ that is also an RFID Middleware.

SETU™ is among the first & one of only few RFID Middleware’s worldwide to receive EPCglobal Gen 2 standards software certification from EPCglobal in October 2006 (EPCglobal standards have been ratified as an approved ISO 18006 part C standard). SkandSoft & SETU™ are the recipients of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan, 2006 RFID Emerging Technology of the Year Award. SETU™ is also SAP® certified integration partner for the SAP NetWeaver™ platform.

As a Sr. member of the team at SkandSoft technologies, a startup company, I was very integral to the success of the company. Being a small startup company, I had to wear multiple Caps and take up challenging responsibilities to guide the various teams. I am a team player and always lead by example, see some of reviews from colleagues from the Business Team, Technical team, Implementation Teams, on LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/in/homilimbuwala

I play a very strategic role in the company. I was the right hand of the CEO and report only to him. I am working on and lead multiple projects for our company. I also head all the special strategic projects from start to finish.

I play a very strategic role at SkandSoft; I was the right hand of Kaushik Yegnan (MD/ CEO) and report only to him.

I lead multiple projects for our company.
Headed all the special strategic projects from start to finish.
Headed a very high level SAP initiative for SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure)
Headed International business development & strategy
Was the acting CIO of the company and oversee all the internal and external documentation/ company      
        information. Steering all company policies for SI, Partners, etc.

Headed all Global System Integrator (SI) partnership management with companies such as IBM Global Service,
        Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (SISL), TCS (TATA Consultancy Service), etc.

Managed the Global Hardware partner program with companies like Motorola, Printronix, Alien, Checkpoint
        systems, Brooks Automation, etc., building strategic relations with them.

Advisor to the Architecture, Technical and implementation teams.
Steered the company through major changes, we have just setup up strategic partnerships to develop RFID/
        AIDC based custom Global solutions fo
Facility management, Amusement parks, Aviation MRO, Airport Security
        & Asset Management, Airline Baggage Tracking, etc. and combining
GPS technology where possible.
Worked on the SETU™ patent documentation
o        I have represented my company SkandSoft for business meeting with Clients and partners for projects all over the
        world, especially in Europe and the Middle East where there is a lot of RFID/ AIDC/
GPS activity from the
        Government and even visited the Kings Palaces.

I have a lot of business contacts in Europe and the Middle East that can help develop new business in the
        Middle East market, which is about to explode for the RFID/ AIDC/
GPS technologies.
Worked on and led Projects for SPANCO Europe, SPANCO Middle East. (Multiple Business trips to Hanover,
, London, Scotland, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, Beijing, etc)
Worked on SPANCO – Great Wheel (Singapore Flyer) initiative.
Authored multiple articles on Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)/ Auto Identification and Data Capture
/ Global Positioning Systems (
GPS)/ Biometric and other high technologies for publishing in various
        Online & Print media. (List at the end of Resume)


Shanti Ventures, High-end Retail Store (Mumbai, India)                                   June 2003 – August 2005         
Head of Operations & Sales


Solectron Global Services, Inc (SGS)                                                               October 2001 – April 2002
Coppell (Dallas), Texas – USA
Solectron Corporation,
a $12 billion global electronics contract manufacturer with Global Operations in Americas, Europe and Asia. Also Solectron Global Services provides a full range of post-manufacturing services, including: product repair, upgrades, re-manufacturing and maintenance through factory and fast-hub service centers located around the world. Services range from product repair and remanufacturing to asset recovery and recycling.

o        Worked on multiple Sprint special projects. Was made the team lead the very first day, as I single handedly
        fixed the technical & operational issues, which helped us to finish the project on time. Fixed the technical &
        Operational issues on several other occasions.

Worked on Various Motorola & Nokia cell phone lines. Did detailed computer Sorting, RF Testing,
        Refurbishing, fixed various technical issues relating to the Computers & test equipment.

Setup process documentation of all the lines of business.
Only employee ever to be nominated for employee of the month for 4 months in a row.
Consistently worked over 65 – 70 Hours a week, including most Saturdays & Sundays to get the work done.
        Assisted all 3 Program managers, the Warehouse manager & Technical support manager.

Data Integrity Project Lead                                                                December 2001 – February 2002
o      Networking & Technical Support                                                             December 2001 – April 2002
o     Quality Verification (QV)                                                                              January 2002 – April 2002
Program Management (PM)                                                                        February 2002 – April 2002
Order Management System (OMS)                                                                 March 2002 – April 2002


Radix Software Technologies, Inc.                                                                April 1997 – September 2001
Irving (Dallas), Texas – USA
Radix, a leading business and technology solutions provider, has a global team of 400 people building and integrating applications for industry leaders such as i2 Technologies, Lucent, Verizon, Trilogy Software, Raytheon and Flextronics. Leveraging the Optimum Delivery Model, Radix provided their clients with the most flexible of delivery options - solutions delivered onsite, offsite or offshore.

o         Director of Operations, HR, Recruiting & Staffing Strategy               January 2000 – September 2001
o         Operations & Technical Support Manager                                                                        1997 – 2000
o         Sale
o         Recruiting Manager                                                                                                          1999 – 2000
o         IT Recruiter                                                                                                                      1997 – 1999


King Aviation, Van Nuys, California, USA                                                                              1990 – 1991
Worked as an Airframe & Power plant (A&P) engineer in the engineering department, while I was undergoing Flight training to be a commercial pilot. Mentored Jr. Pilots in Flying Skills and in Engineering.


Gujarat Flying Club, Baroda, India                                                                                         1989 – 1990
Worked as an Airframe & Power plant (A&P) engineer in the engineering department, while I was undergoing Flight training to be a commercial pilot. Mentored Jr. Pilots.


Aeronautical Training Center, Bombay, India                                                                        1986 – 1989
Aeronautical Engineering training.



Ph. D. in Medical Anthropology                                                                                                     Current
University of Pune
Currently in the process of securing admissions to the Ph.D. program

The subject of my Ph. D. Thesis is –

“Enhancing patient safety with the use of AIDC (Auto Identification and Data Capture)/ RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and related emerging technologies in Hospitals


Masters Degree in Labor Management (MLM)                                                          
Madurai Kamaraj University, India

Private Pilots License (PPL) – US                                                                 

Bridgeport Aviation, Bridgeport, Texas, USA

Private Pilot License (PPL) – India                                                   

Gujarat Flying Club, Baroda, Gujarat, India.                   

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Training Center, India


IT Related Training:
o         Completed Basics of Supply Chain Management training for APICS
         (The Association for Operations Management) – Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification

o         Completed RFID Certification training
o         Completed MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Training
o         Completed CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Training                      
o         Completed CNA (Certified Novell Administrator) Training                 
o         Completed RHCP (Red Hat Linux Certified Professional) Training                                                                         
o         Certified in Microsoft Office Suite including Front Page.
o       Computer Programming – Basic Language


Aeronautical Licenses & Professional Membership held:
o         Indian Private Pilots License
o         US FAA Private Pilots License (#2452832)


o         Free Mason - Ancient Free & Accepted Mason (AF&AM)


Published Articles written by Homi Limbuwala
You can get the entire list from - http://www.dlimeranch.com/doc/Homi_Limbuwala_Articles.doc

01 - Retail Customer is King
02 - Integrating GPS/ GPRS with RFID SCM Solution
03 - RFID Based Asset Management
04 - Smart Care RFID in Hospitals
05 - RFID in Hospital Management
06 - Smartening Retail
07 - RFID in Retail
08 - RFID in Airport Management
09 - The Chain Effect - RFID in SCM
10 - Biometric Identification Systems
11 - RFID in Airport Management


Speaker at RFID Conference:
25th – 27th October 2007, Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai, India
o    25th October 2007 – Topic – RFID for Manufacturing Excellence
26th October 2007 – Topic – RFID for Smart Payment & Retail

You can download my Detailed Resume & Covering letter at:


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